Our physiotherapists will use a personalised treatment plan to ensure a proper and full recovery from any injury you may be affected by.


Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common complaints we see at the clinic. What is essential to properly treat low back pain is pinpointing an accurate diagnosis. Our approach is to take a detailed history, perform specific tests and order investigations to identify the underlying cause of your discomfort. Once a diagnosis is established, an effective treatment plan is formed, which commonly consists of a combination of hands on therapy and an appropriate exercise program. 



Joint sprains, especially those in the ankle, are a common injury we see here at the clinic. Although the typical "rolled ankle" may be common, it should also be taken seriously as recurrent injury and lead to long term pain! We specialise in not only helping the injury heal with bracing, but also help to prevent the recurrence of sprains with exercise interventions. Higher level skills are also important for athletes who experience recurrent ankle sprains. 


Muscle Tears

Most sports people, whether competing at an elite or amateur level, have experienced a muscle belly injury at some point. This may be a slight "twinge" or a more serious tear. These types of injuries are important to rehabilitate to avoid scarring of the muscle tissue and subsequent re-injury. Our physiotherapists will assess the severity of your tear and localise the effected muscle bellies, allowing them to create a muscle strengthening rehabilitation plan to get you back to normal day-to-day activities, sport and athletic competition. 



Arthritis is a common joint condition that begins to effect many of us as we age. While you can't reverse the changes in the affected joints, it is possible to manage the symptoms with appropriate hands on treatment and exercise therapy. If arthritis is beginning to affect you, our physiotherapists will come up with an individualised management plan to avoid flare ups and slow progression of the condition. We understand the fine line between working hard but not aggravating symptoms, which is key to managing your arthritis so that you're able to get back to everyday life pain free. 


Running Injuries

Whilst running is one of the most common forms of exercise, the biomechanical components of running are complex and is therefore a common cause for injury. Working with many high level track and field athletes, our physiotherapists have an excellent understanding of the components of running and will assess your particular technique to offer appropriate advise and interventions. This will help to manage and avoid common running overuse injuries such as stress fractures, shin splints and tendon injuries.