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Your practitioner will conduct routine and specialised testing procedures to obtain an overview of the dysfunction caused by your injury/condition. This will involve measurements of your capacities, pain levels and integrity of the region being assessed.


We utilise a range of 'hands-on' manual techniques to help assist in the diagnosis of your condition as well as to soothe, mobilise, manipulate, release and stretch the soft tissues involved in your injury/condition.

The choice of therapies can be varied due to the best fit for the injury/condition and patient preference with all appointments being 30 MINUTES long. 

We can choose from a range of treatments including:



Discover what your physiotherapy consult will entail. 



Let us help you get back on track after your injury or surgery. 


Sports Physiotherapy

Let us help you take your sports performance to the next level. 


Headaches & Migraines

Physiotherapy can help manage your headache and migraine symptoms.


Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions

(formerly Clinical Pilates)

Improve your strength, fitness and wellbeing.


Dry Needling

Reduce muscular tension and pain using needles.



What is physiotherapy?

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is an effective and evidence-based approach to managing conditions of the spine, muscles and joints throughout the body. Your pain could be caused by altered joint mobility, neural tissue or muscle imbalance which our physiotherapists will help you to better understand after your first session. We use a number of different techniques to help with your problems including but not limited to:
- Soft tissue release and massage
- Manual therapy and joint mobilisation
- Dry needling
- Clinically appropriate exercise therapy
- Education and advice

Physiotherapy can help with a broad range of issues – even those that haven’t improved with the use of medication or surgery. If you are curious to see if we could help you, call and ask to speak to one of our friendly staff members today!

Our approach to physiotherapy

We take a holistic approach to our physiotherapy treatments at Wilson Physiotherapy Group. When you come in, you will meet with one of our experienced physiotherapists who will assess, diagnose and offer useful and realistic strategies to manage your issue. We take great pride in being able to help you achieve your goals and improve your pain. At Wilson Physiotherapy, we are constantly staying up to date with all things injury management so we can always provide the best treatments for your needs. All of our standard consultations are one-on-one and you will always receive some form of treatment; even at your initial consultation.

When to a see a physiotherapist?

We are highly trained first-contact practitioners which means you do not need a referral from a doctor to see us. Physiotherapy is a widely accepted and accessible means of treatment and rehabilitation for a whole host of different issues. At Wilson Physiotherapy, we specialise in all musculoskeletal injuries and pain and can offer you some real help to get on top of your concerns. Have you:
- Recently injured yourself either at home, sport or work?
- Had an injury or weakness that isn’t getting better?
- Seen a doctor or orthopaedic surgeon regarding a problem? Possibly pre or post-op?
- Have a musculoskeletal issue that may or may not be apparent on a scan?

Often physiotherapy can help with these problems as well as many more. If you think physiotherapy might help you but you’re not sure, you can always give us a call or email us. We are happy to help in anyway possible.

Why does physiotherapy work?

Physiotherapy is a profession held in very high esteem within the sporting and medical communities. This is because physiotherapy interventions and assessments undergo rigorous testing and appraisal so that we can provide you with the safest and most effective treatments for your issue. Did you know that physiotherapy is considered the superior treatment for some conditions that have traditionally been fixed with surgery? Or that physiotherapy can often delay the need for surgery; or in some cases help avoid surgery entirely? Come in and see why so many health professionals refer to us here at Wilson Physiotherapy Group.


Sports Physiotherapy


Whether you are recovering from an injury or just looking to take your sporting performance to the next level, physiotherapy can have a great improvement on your athletic abilities. Our principle physiotherapist John Wilson is a titled Australian Sports Physiotherapist who has over 30 years of experience helping athletes reach their full potential. A thorough and detailed assessment of your biomechanics is required to form the basis of a strong rehabilitation/strengthening program to get you performing at your best. Here at Wilson Physiotherapy we have a strong focus on gym-based programs for athletic improvement. Whether you are a younger athlete just beginning your participation in sport or for a more established athlete looking to improve their performance, our approach here at Wilson Physiotherapy can help take your abilities to the next level.


Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions (formerly Clinical Pilates)

Pilates room picture.jpg

Pilates is an innovative system of mind-body exercise that has evolved
from the therapeutic principles of Joseph Pilates. It develops self-awareness
by enhancing the mind-body connection, improving
posture, strength, flexibility, and efficiency of movement.

It conditions the entire body in a low to no impact fashion, which can
benefit people of all ages, aptitudes, and fitness levels. Professional
dancers and athletes have been utilising Pilates for decades, however,
it can benefit those who want everything from a great work out to
rehabilitation. With time and dedication Pilates can dramatically
transform the way your body looks, feels and performs.

Other benefits:

·         improves strength, flexibility, and balance

·         develops deep abdominal and core strength

·         tones and lengthens muscles

·         relieves back pain and joint stress

·         promotes recovery from strain and injury

·         restores alignment and flexibility to spine

·         increases joint range of motion

·         improves circulation

·         heightens neuromuscular coordination

·         develops fitness for everyday and sustained activity

·         enhances mobility, agility, and stamina



Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation


Sometimes through life, we are faced with the option of undergoing surgery to help us continue to live life to its fullest. At Wilson Physiotherapy we understand that this can be a daunting prospect, however we strive to diminish the impact of surgery by offering rehabilitation services to get you back on your feet quickly and enjoying what life has to offer. Our physiotherapists are well trained to guide you through carefully graded and structured rehabilitation programs to get you moving to your potential at the different stages of your recovery. We also offer prehabilitation services which help to get you to your functional best before surgery, and thus streamlining your post-surgical rehabilitation.


Dry Needling


Dry needling is one the treatment options your physiotherapist can choose to offer you. It is a pain free way of reducing painful muscular points that may be the cause of your symptoms or reducing your strength. We use only high grade single use disposable acupuncture needles. Dry needling is painless. Nothing is injected and it is often immediately effective, especially in conjunction with other manual treatments and strengthening exercises.